Saturday, May 31, 2008

Man bites dog

Irish trade unionism – the home of the young conservative fogey

Aficionados of Irish trade unionism may well have missed a recent gem by Sean Fryers, member of Unite executive and a youth member of the Irish Congress of Irish Congress of Trade Unions. In the Irish News on 28th May he bemoans the plight of local business facing inflation, increased energy costs, a climate change levy and water charges. His members face all these to a much greater extent than their bosses, but Sean chooses to write about the plight of the capitalists.

He worries about all these “as local companies will be unable to increase the pay of the working class people”.

The solution is for the local capitalist administration to lobby the Brown government to obtain a reduction in energy costs “for local employers”.

This is one of these “Man bites dog” stories, where the trade union representative demonstrates on behalf of the bosses, ignores the needs of the workers and gives a green light for a pay freeze before negotiations even begin.

It provoked no comment, but perhaps that’s hardly surprising in a week where the Trade union leadership are involved in yet another partnership sellout, one group of workers were on hunger strike outside ‘Unite’ offices because of alleged union collusion in their sacking and another group had split completely from Unite, alleging that their officers were in collusion with the employers.

Reading Sean Fryers offering, they may well have a point.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid Sean is typical of the approved layer of new trade unionists. The national school system was referred to as the "murder machine", but the term seems particularly appropriate for describing the way in which the modern trade union movement educates and conditions its shop stewards and aspiring "professioinals". Sad but true. How will this blighted working class leadership be reformed?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply; to my article about the soaring energy cost, I am well aware off my memberships and my own hardships and plights due to the surge in the cost off living, which is a result of Fuel and food cost.
The capitalist local administration you refer to is the current batch off politicians in which local hard working people who have elected to represent them, so why not ask them to do their Jobs, Jobs they are well paid to do?
John as per the pay freeze been given a green light before negotiation begin, my members at my company have enjoyed the two biggest pay increases in the companies history in the last two years and you being a radical, you should know A Union Is Only As Strong As Its Members.

As per speaking about the plight of the capitalists, Any extra cost which hit’s local companies pockets is then passed on to the local workers, that is a fact weather we like it or not? And it is also a fact that companies here pay up to a third more than companies in England for there gas and electric etc, Companies is the south get relief from the cooperate tax scheme.
So John thank you for your comments and I am glad you enjoyed it, but being a young fogey, I fail to see from your reply a alternative or what contribution you would propose in helping the working people in this challenging time with the cost off living soaring.